Thursday, December 2, 2010


Eau de Parfum

By Tom Ford

*A Shared Fragrance (Unisex)
*Currently In Production

I am fully prepared to make the audacious claim that this is my absolute favorite scent from Tom Ford—a lofty assertion, I know—but let me explain myself.

Noir de Noir is a very up-market, high-street scent that oozes decadence and pointed affluence. Wearing it almost reminds one of wearing a patent leather tuxedo or some other (almost gratuitously) slick attire along with the latest pair of must have designer shades.

Noir de Noir is described as, “A dark chypre oriental, this scent opens with an earthy mantle of richly woven saffron, black rose and black truffle, with hints of floralcy. Underneath, vanilla, patchouli, oud wood and tree moss soften the intensity, making the scent a sensual experience.”

It would be easy to make the mistake of overapplying Noir de Noir, which will invariably ruin one’s first impression. Furthermore, one may be struck by a certain feminine mystique upon first whiff. Depending on one’s own beliefs on powerful rose notes, however, Noir de Noir might come off as exuding a uniquely masculine sensibility. Either way, it is critical to keep in mind that this scent is all about its rose note.

To me, Noir de Noir lifts off with rose, saffron, and oud. The rose and the saffron are carried forth through a fantasy of smoke and raspberry. Together, these accords bring a sense of mystery that is actually quite tantalizing and strong—one that refuses to compromise by appearing overly synthetic. Searching high and low to decipher the secret to Noir de Noir, one will inevitably lose one’s way as the adumbral accords unfurl into a sensual (and perhaps a tad libidinous) black truffle note.

Noir de Noir is a smooth fragrance in that it has no acute corners or thorny angles. The scent strikes a certain chord that is far from lacking depth or harmony, made consummate with dark caramel, vanilla, tobacco lead, woods, rum, and vanilla that burst forth in a sort of melodic harmony that turns out to be quite the spectacle. I wouldn’t hesitate to place Noir de Noir in a top 10 most alluring or ‘beautiful’ scents. However, if you dislike rose, this is not the right scent for you.

The longevity of Noir de Noir may exceed one’s expectations, as it will certainly tarry about for the better part of six hours. Unlike some of Tom Ford’s Private Blends, Noir de Noir does not sit close to the skin (at first), and it projects rather well. The main drawback, however, is the scent’s versatility. Noir de Noir is certainly not a versatile scent that can translate smoothly from day to night, bedroom to boardroom. Still, this doesn’t detract from this sensational creation, and the ‘to be treasured’ aura of Noir de Noir certainly brings me back for more.

1.7 oz - $190.00
8.4 oz - $465.00 (pictured)

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