Friday, December 3, 2010

Chantecaille Bio Lift Concealer

The World’s Most Expensive Concealer?

On Chantecaille’s website, the following features are listed about their Bio Lift Concealer:


Anti-wrinkle hexapeptide relaxes existing lines and prevents others from forming

Surrounding color stick creates smooth, natural coverage for dark circles and blemishes

Botanical Squalane, Soybean and Vitamin E provide moisturizing treatment

Non-chemical SPF 10
Price: $66.00
Size of product: .07oz / 2g

Chantecaille’s Bio Lift Concealer is a two-in-one stick concealer. The outer ring is an extremely soft and creamy concealer. The inner core is a line-smoothing hexapeptide gel cream.
You may ask: What, Michael, does hexpeptide mean?

A hexapeptide, in short, is a peptide with six amino acid residues. Basically, a peptide is a compound formed by one or more amino acids linked together by covalent bonds. All humans have peptides in their bodies and since peptides are related to proteins, one may view peptides as a sort of building block to life. Once peptide chains reach a certain length they become a protein. Still, as many ingredients in cosmetics, it is unclear what kind of short-term (and especially long-term) benefits one ought to expect with the topical application of peptides. It could be a gimmick, but it could turn out to be valid. Only time will tell.

As you will see in the companion video, I apply the product directly to my eye area. Although some may cringe at this application technique, the product glides over the eye well area like a gentle breeze dusting a grassy plain. In all seriousness, the product is highly emollient and creamy, which ensures an extremely dewy (and thus natural) look. Furthermore, the moisturizing core makes the concealer stay looking fresh and new for the entire duration it is worn (within reason, of course). It is important to note that the concealer will begin to fade after several hours, and is probably at its best within the first four hours.

While one is correct to expect the Bio Lift Concealer to replace the need for an eye cream, I would say that it could indeed replace one’s morning eye cream. With this concealer, it is not necessary to apply an eye cream and then a concealer, as most would typically do with other under eye concealers. While you will feel a nice moisturizing and plumping effect (Chantecaille is a very high-end cosmetics line and is renowned line for its line of skin care products), it may do little to diminish any of your lines in this area. As with most moisturizing products (this one has a nice Squalane concentration), it will plump very fine lines, which will help to diminish the appearance of these lines temporarily (after all, it is still a cosmetic).

The emollient shine created by the concealer looks subtle and natural (not glossy, not matte), but I would not recommend for someone with oily skin (especially one with oily lids…that would be a disaster). I apply the concealer directly around the entire eye area and smooth it out with a fluffy blender brush. If you want to get 5-10% more coverage, use your finger.

I called a major department store (let’s say it rhymes with Semen Carcus…lol) that sells Chantecaille and asked them about the Bio Lift Concealer. The product is actually sold as a natural alternative to more phony looking concealers in that it covers in a very organic and pleasant way. In other words, it doesn’t mask dark circles. Rather, the Bio Lift Concealer diffuses the appearance of dark circles with a bright and light-reflecting effect that is imperceptible from one’s real skin (I absolutely agree with this claim). If you have very little darkness under your eyes, and want a product that will enhance your look (or if you don’t like wearing makeup but want a small pick-me-up), this is the concealer for you. It is seriously my favorite concealer to date, and it fits my own cosmetic vision perfectly…natural, fresh, lively, young…the list goes on—A product with light, natural coverage and moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients—Sign me up!

I think I got lucky when picking a color (I am in the shade chamomile); however, I hear that it is best to get color matched in person because choosing the perfect color with this concealer can make the difference between pure perfection and outright disappointment. The Bio Lift Concealer will not crack, it will not fall into fine lines, it will not crease. Of course, depending on one’s eye anatomy (i.e. the presence of any irregularities from a standard eye shape), you may experience very subtle creasing. If you see creasing start to appear, simply smooth it out with your finger or a brush and you are ready to go. Lastly, this concealer can be paired under another concealer. I also believe it can be used with a more liquid like corrector such as Giorgio Armani’s Master Corrector (I have a video on the GA corrector as well if you missed it).

Chantecaille’s Bio Lift Concealer is a must have for men who desire a concealer (for whatever reason) for a variety of reasons. It would be an especially perfect purchase for a groom to be. It would also be ideal for a guy who wants to look his best for a date, at a job, at an event, etc. The options are endless, and this product is really tailored for easy use and for achieving a perfect/natural finish. Truly, many women desire this as well. Oh, and did I mention the chic metallic packaging?!


  1. i love that you review high end products because i dont know much of them!

  2. Hi Michael!!

    Thanks for this review. How did I miss the video?? Hmm must check that. I love Chantecaille, I have their New Stick Foundation and it is great but unfortunately too dark for me. In fact I think I will be passing a Chantecaille counter today....don't really need a concealer, but when did that ever stop me? By the way my New Stick Foundation has only ever
    been swatched. If you are interested I would send it to you, some sort of swap thingie perhaps??

    June xo