Friday, May 13, 2011

Blog Sale

Hello! Welcome to my first blog sale. I am just clearing out a few products that I either have doubles of or did not work perfectly for me (i.e. wrong shade, too shimmery, etc.). Most items are practically brand new, so this is a great way to try some interesting products at a great discount. Of course, they will all be sanitized fully before I ship them out. I am excited to pass on some great products to my friends and subscribers. I would hate for some of these absolute gems to go to waste. :D -Michael

If you want to buy multiple items, I will ship them all for the same flat rate (I will add $4 for domestic shipping and I will add $6 for international shipping).

Just leave a comment to this blog post with the items you would like. Make sure to tell me your Paypal e-mail address and I will send you an invoice for the total amount. Please try to pay ASAP so I can mark the item as “sold” so as to minimize confusion.

Temptu Retouch Blush: Blushing Coral (Brand New, just swatched once…Expensive Product if bought retail, but a very nice liquid blush): SOLD

Sigma SS187 stippling brush. This is in almost brand new condition. For some reason the handle kinda started to curve, but try out this brush for a great price -- SOLD

NARS Copacabana Multiple (very popular product/cream highlighter--about 50% remaining) -- SOLD

Smashbox Brow Brush from their Vanity collection. Metal brush, great quality. -- SOLD

Bobbi Brown Concealer Brush (comes with lid, brand new ... one of her most sought after brushes) -- SOLD

Sigma SS194 concealer brush (new and never used) -- SOLD

CoverFX Foundation Brush (#130). Absolutely one of the best foundation brushes! -- SOLD

obbi Brown Foundation brush (one of my favorite foundation brushes, used a couple times, in great condition!) -- SOLD

Bobbi Brown Touch-up brush (a natural hair brush, perfect for concealer, powder, eyeshadow..etc). A cult brush! - SOLD 

Bobbi Brown: Shimmer Brick (Platinum Pink Limited Edition—a gorgeous and pretty Rare highlighter) 95% remaining -- SOLD

M.A.C. To the Beach cream bronzer: "Beach Bronze" (Beautiful bronzer shade with golden shimmer). Only swatched -- SOLD

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Lash Lifting Mascara (NEW with box) -- SOLD

NARS Taj Mahal Blush (swatched a few times—Rare, will make you look like Naomi Campbell ;) ) -- SOLD

M.A.C. Mineralize Skinfinish: Sunny By Nature (90% left—A PERFECT Matte Bronzer shade) SOLD

M.A.C. Mineralize Skinfinish: Cheeky Bronze (90-95% remaining -- GORGEOUS) -- SOLD

M.A.C. Mineralize Skinfinish: Gold Deposit (80% left, totally gives you that Jennifer Lopez golden shimmery glow) -- SOLD

M.U.F.E. Shine On Powder (Brand New…A very pretty highlighting powder) SOLD

Louise Young Super Blusher Brush (New! LY has some of the best brush construction out there): SOLD

NARS Sparkling Loose Powder: Gold Rush (95% remaining, I have a review on this powder): SOLD

Amazing Cosmetics Kabuki Brush (New, Original retail is around $39…nice little kabuki): SOLD

M.A.C. Studio Finish Concealer NW25 (75% remaining)-- SOLD

Guerlain Powder Brush (Brand New in Box…this brush is $50+ Retail): SOLD

Giorgio Armani Eye Brow Defining Pencil #3 (brown) (85% remaining, my FAVORITE brow pencil) : SOLD

Sigma SS150 Powder Brush (wording has rubbed off, but in great condition) SOLD

Lancome #3 Highlighting Brush (Pretty New with some pink staining on the handle and the ferrule is dented, but still very nice and functional) SOLD


  1. I would like to buy the Anastasia Beverly Hills: Lash Lifting Mascara.


    Thanks! (:

  2. I'll take the guerlain and Louise young brushes. Thank you!

  3. Hi Michael,

    I'll happily take Mac Cheeky Bronze off your hands:-) paypal

    Thanks very much.

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  5. Will you take $10 for NARS Taj Mahal Blush !! I only have $14 in my paypal account please !!

    Here is my paypal email:

  6. Have u sold the NARS sparkling powder? If not :)

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  9. Hey Michael. :)
    I'd love the following items:
    MAC Cream Bronzer in Beach Bronze
    Amazing Cosmetics Kabuki Brush
    And if the above person didn't get it, the NARS Sparkling Loose Powder. :)


  10. Hi Michael,

    After seeing you use the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in a video, I have been wanting one. Please send an invoice to

    Thank you so much!

  11. Hi,

    I would like the Sigma SS187 stippling brush if its still available please. My contact is

  12. Hi Michael!

    I love love you channel, and wanted to also pick up the sigma brush if it's still available!

    Thanks hun! :)


  13. Hi, I would like the NARS copacabana multiple and bobbi brown foundation brush not the coverfx one

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  18. Hi Michael!

    I know a couple of people have asked for it already but it doesn't say "sold" so if you still have the CoverFx Foundation brush I would like to purchase it from you! My paypal is Thank you for your time! Jessica

  19. Hey!

    Could I snatch up the Temptu blush? I am in the UK so it would be international shipping.


    Paypal -

  20. wow, I sure did miss out! As soon as you're ready to do another blog sale....

  21. Hey Michael! I haven't received my item (the temptu blush) yet - do you know when it was shipped? Usually things can take up to a couple of weeks to get to the UK but I am getting so impatient!

    Hopefully you might be able to shed some light, thank you :)

  22. wow,so nice products for womens.i would like to buy for my g.f.

  23. i like this post.nice materials you have shown.its nice to make up.

  24. michael i really like everything of your videos, i am using the nite white with the cp and its amazing, also the ojon for the hair and never felt it like this before, you are changing my life, i am so grateful, god bless you so so much for your real an donly professional advices that really work, thanks your friend, blanca.

  25. Glad to read something like this. Indeed you help a lot by sharing your tips. You put smile on my face. Thanks

  26. The other thing that single invoice factoring is very good for is ironing out spikes in trade which can be hard to fund from “normal” cash flow. In other words, short periods of over trading.

  27. Hi Michael,
    I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for your YouTube videos. I've only just found you but have watched many of them and find you charming and a great teacher. Thank you for all you do. All the best to you,