Saturday, December 4, 2010


Eau de Parfum


*A Shared Fragrance

This fragrance is perhaps most aptly personified by that one ‘abnormal’ family member you unfailingly happen upon at family functions. Purple Patchouli is not merely idiosyncratic, it is outright bizarre (almost encumberingly so), and everyone you go near is going to feel it. Could this be the reason Purple Patchouli was discontinued? Well, that’s for you to decide.

Purple Patchouli is described as a “60's inspired floral woody fragrance opens with an elegant orchid accord and wet, succulent citrus notes. The heart blends noir leather and a signature purple patchouli accord with exotic spices, supported by the intense depth of amber, Peru balsam and vetiver.”

While it may not strike one as strange for an infant to trade moods on a dime, the bipolar aura of Purple Patchouli will thrust anyone of legal age through a sugarland of rotting fruit adorned with the innocently candied bodies of violets plucked during their prime. In mere moments, you will find yourself in a dark and ominous wooded forest sweltering with oriental spices—a bit fleeting, maybe even a bit skanky. Can you see why this might not be right for the office?

While pleasant spices emerge as the fragrance charges onward, the sillage (unfortunately) drops off exponentially. It’s basically like having your cake right in front of you and not being able to eat it…or maybe getting only one bite. “Gross, it’s the wrong flavor of chocolate!”

Purple Patchouli is only “purple” because it contains winsome, bubbly violet notes. Purple Patchouli is only “patchouli” because…well, I’m not entirely sure why. In fact, the patchouli seems few and far between. Instead, the scent goes in an entirely different direction that even its own namesake neglects to acknowledge.

I can’t imagine there are many folks who are sufficiently brooding enough to pull off Purple Patchouli, as its requisite call for ‘effervescent charm’ is sharply enforced. But if there is such a person, this may be the scent for them. Caveat Emptor: Stay clear of Purple Patchouli if you have been dubbed by your peers as a hopeless impulse buyer or you will be caught with your pants around your ankles. This creation requires a lot of thought before you will be ready to dive in head first. The water may not be as deep as it seems.

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  1. where can I purchase this size of tom ford's perfumes?
    I've never seen it in this size